Building a free and open future

Carroted is a nonprofit organization developing free and open-source software, games, animation, websites and more.

Pylon Pixel 2 is a 2D pixel platformer shooter story game with horror elements.

It has a unique story, tons of fun levels and more.

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ULVS is a universal visual scripting editor and system designed to be used for anything, with the ability to compile to various languages.

It is currently in development.

Zero cost.

Everything Carroted makes is completely free to everyone. We don't even add paywalls or in-app purchases to our software. We do, however, offer hosting services for certain software.

Zero ads.

There are no advertisements or product placements of any kind in any of our software or games.

Zero data collection.

Carroted does not collect any data whatsoever. We don't even know how many people visit this website. However, it is worth noting that our website is proxied by Cloudflare, which does collect data. This is only temporary until we can get a VPS.

Account services will also have your chosen username, password hash, email, settings and any other information you choose to provide.

If you think that means we do data collection, consider the definition of data collection:

Data collection is the process of gathering data for use in business decision-making, strategic planning, research and other purposes.
Source: TechTarget

This seems to be a well-accepted definition, as other sites we found, including Wikipedia have a definition like this that does not include account details.

So no, Carroted does not do data collection. We are commited to privacy and security.

Zero trackers.

We don't know how many people visit this website, use our software, play our games or even listen to our music. We also can't identify a visitor of this site or a user of our software. Carroted does not track or monitor people.

Just free stuff.

There's no catch. Carroted will use donations for funding (via Open Collective), but at the moment we don't need money.

Why open source?

Open-source software is software where the source, the code and assets of the software, is available for download and can be modified and shared freely.

The benefits of open-source in software are numerous. For example, it brings more transparency, as anyone can see how the software was made and how it works. This also brings more security, given that malicious code can be easily found within the code upon inspection. Open-source software is also typically free, more accessible, and rarely collects data, making it great for privacy.

At Carroted, we strongly believe that users should be able to freely modify, study, share, take apart, run or otherwise use their software.

We are living in world where platforms are increasingly collecting and analyzing data on everything their users do, often without them even knowing. From simple things such as your name and location to now your entire media habits, your routines and even your interests are now being sold for profit.

Carroted's mission is to create accessible, useful, high quality free and open-source software for everyone, with no ads, trackers, data collection or paywalls inside. We deeply believe open source can and has proven itself to be immensely beneficial to the world.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].